Parking Control System

Manage parking lot access (paid or unpaid) to ensure that only authorized vehicles are allowed access to a secured parking lot by using Automated license plate readers (ALPRs) for parking enforcement.

ChipER Tech’s Parking Control System provides real time monitoring and control using ALPR technology to capture each car’s license plate and compares it against black and white lists. If the pate is matched, the system automatically performs a predefined action, such as lifting a gate for access. This wireless security system comes with a dual community option that enables the driver to communicate with someone in the Office with questions or for an emergency.

Our parking enforcement system also supports using a supported keycard and RFID lock. When the keycard is scanned, the system automatically searches up to 20,000 user accounts for the license plate number of an incoming vehicle..

  • Real time monitoring vehicle access
  • Automatic compare the license plate numbers with registed resident database
  • Storage over 20,000 user accounts
  • Supports keycard and RFID lock systems
  • Number of available parking lots is showed on the display at the parking entrance, as are parking fees (if applicable) when exiting the parking lot
  • When authorized car plate is matched with the system, the barrier automatically opens
Price: Please call (608) 274-2475 for pricing

Service Area: Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Janesville, Middleton, Racine, Kenosha, West Bend, New Berlin, Verona, Pewaukee, Lake Geneva and surrounding communities.