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Card Reader
High quality access controllers & real-time attendance systems, including standard access controller, dual frequency access controller & proximity readers. The intelligent time recording terminals are designed to meet application requirements in time attendance & access control, lift control & ARM/DI...
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Facial Recognition Surveillance System
Our facial recognition surveillance system allows you to use live or recorded video in your access control system. Areas can be secured by automatically allowing or denying access based on stored images of individuals that the appropriate security clearance.
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Biometric Palm Vein Reader
The most advanced biometric palm reader on the market today. While biometric identification systems that rely on fingerprints, face shape, voice, signature and pupil can be imitated and potentially used for fraudulent purposes, palm vein biometrics uses infrared scanning to identify the unique veins in a persons han...
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Parking Control System
Our Parking Control System provides real time monitoring and control over vehicle access to one or more parking lots. Using a supported RFID card the system can automatically search for the license plate number of an incoming vehicle with the registered resident database that can store over 20,000 user accounts.
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Wireless Video Intercom System
Our Wireless Video Intercom System supports HD video quality capture with a wide angle security camera. Can be used with email notification, keycard RFID locks, call button and infrared night vision. Available in 4, 8 or 16 unit configurations, or in a custom Multi unit configuration.
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