Facial Recognition Surveillance System

Our facial recognition surveillance system allows you to use live or recorded video in your access control system using Standard RTSP stream input. Areas can be secured by automatically allowing or denying access based on stored images of individuals that the appropriate security clearance. Additionally, NVR servers can be quickly scanned and configured to identify individuals and/or groups of individuals, saving the hours it would take to manually scan your stored video. Long term storage can be configured to save only meta data, reducing long term storage costs by a factor of 100 to 1! With Plug & Play ease of use, the system can be used with existing IP-based NVR or Storage Servers.

Simple and Easy to Use:

Plug & Play with existing IP-based NVR or Storage Servers. Standard RTSP stream input.

  • Instant and modular identification of groups or individuals
  • Local or remote facial database
  • Importing existing photos or inserting new images thru video capture
  • Customized activation of external devices from positive identifications
  • Customization of restricted zones and/or restricted access areas for each profile
  • Sending alerts and notifications via e-mail
  • Interfaces for consulting third party databases
  • Log all faces, known and unknown
  • Enroll from unknown evens given a specific unknown face
  • Backlist and white list
  • Automated Alert Escalations
  • High recognition rate with very low false positivies
  • Activity log, logs and feed activity
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Service Area: Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Janesville, Middleton, Kenosha, Brookfield, Franklin, Muskego, Pewaukee, Hartland, Lake Geneva and surrounding communities.