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LiDAR Application - Obstacle Detection System

With our eyes on the future, ChipER Technology helped the KAOHSIUNG LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT SYSTEM use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 3d laser scanners to help make railway transportation safer and more cost effective.

LiDAR from velodyne enables railroad engineers to travel more safely by alerting them to possible obstructions on the rail, as well as whether or pedestrians or other traffic are approaching or in an upcoming intersection.

The result is fewer accidents and a smoother and more efficient ride and better all-around passenger experience.

LiDAR does not use traditional optics so much as reflected laser light to map distances and generate a perfect 3D representation of the area in front of the railroad engine. LiDAR creates such accurate 3D models of the world it’s no wonder LiDAR sensors are often referred to as a “LiDAR camera”!

Client Problem

The Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System is a Light Rail Transit network that serves metropolitan Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The mass rapid transit system (MRT) is tram-like in that it natural and partially operates on streets. And while it is a very good tourist attractions in Kaohsiung, like car and truck drivers, light rail transit conductors must also pay attention to surrounding traffic conditions and potential obstructions on the track, and ChipER Technology was called into to design and develop a more efficient system for monitoring railway conditions and alerting the engineer driver of potential obstacles.

ChipER Technology then collaborated with the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) on the design of a system specifically for light rail transit to not only monitor surrounding traffic conditions, but to also positively identify or predict any potential obstacle that may enter the path of an oncoming train.

Surveilance & Security Products Recommended for this LiDAR Application

  1. Velodyne LiDAR 3D Laser VLP16
    With a range of 100 meters and super-low power consumption of about 8 watts, it is one of the least expensive sensors of its kind, while still offering 360° REAL-TIME 3D distance and reflectivity measurements.
  2. 4G SIM Hotspot to boost signal strength
  3. A TDMA Antenna to increase and facilitate data transmission
  4. Full HD Surveillance Camera and HD Network Video Recorder to transmit and store surveillance video
  5. 18V Solar Panel to power the sensor and any local equipment
  6. Arudino control board and software for configuring input/output combinations
  7. Lora Connectivity Board for low-power wide-area network communications with the entire network

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